Wild Buzz


This is AWESOME stuff, I can only find it in one place, and thats a Chevron station in Bellevue.
Wild Buzz has a very clean flavor but yet it has a strong flavor, so its the best of both worlds, it produces a pretty good buzz also.

Heres an email I received back from the company that makes "wild buzz".

Hello IMT40s, I have seen your sites and they are very cool. There so are many energy drinks out there! We are honored that you really like ours.

Our distribution in the Seattle area has changed so I'm not really too sure where it is up there. It used to be in more places. I'm not too sure if you are near these places in Washington State but you can find it at Campbell, La Grande, Clarkston, Airway Heights, Mead, Omak, Mattawa, Moses Lake, Oroville, Tonasket, Wapato, Yakima, and Ellensburg. If you are near them I can look up the address and get it for you so you can keep buzz'n. Remember we sell Wild Buzz throughout the entire western U.S.

Since you are the energy drink guru I will give you some insight into our company... We first started distributing an energy drink called Mad Bull in a glass bottle. This drink came from a distributor in South Africa. We wanted to distribute our own energy drink so we came up with Wild Bull. Because of the "bull" name Red Bull said to us "you cannot use the bull name." So we stopped distributing Mad Bull and Wild Bull. From there Wild Buzz was born. Wild Buzz was first in an 8.3 oz glass bottle. The 8.3 oz drink size was owned by Red Bull. Stores would bring in our product at a lower case cost but then price the drink the same as Red Bull. Most people would choose Red Bull than a no name energy drink. We did away with the glass bottle and started with the 16 oz size, 1liter (your favorite!!), bag-in-a-box and 12 oz flavors.

It is an awesome drink and most people really like the flavor of the drink. Most of the business is in the Northwest (Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana). The energy drink business is very, very competitive. It is difficult to compete with the "big ballers" ex. Coke, Pepsi, and Hanson. We have expanded our business and increased our sales in the years we have been around. We do not initially throw major advertising and promotion buck to retailers. We want to have a good tasting drink that is prices less than the competition. With that in mind it is hard to get our foot in the door. I thank all the small retailers that have given us a shot. After calling, sending out information, and having people try our product the word does get out about us and we start to have the retailers wanting our product. Eventhough our distribution is small, we are growing, and you will start to see us in more places.

People see the success of Red Bull and all of the money they have made and think they should start to get into the energy drink business. Because of that there are way to many energy drinks! We are just glad to still be around and have followers like yourself.

I hope I have answered your questions, let me know if you have anymore. Thanks for your support of Wild Buzz.

Have a wild day with Wild Buzz,



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