Vida had a fairly clean flavor with a dash of cherry. Actually it is too sweet for me.

Overall I'll never buy it again but I can see others liking it alot

I also noticed its completely clear in color, I could see the bottom of the 16oz. can through all of the liquid, to me that is a good thing, I guess they didnt add more chemicals to give it color.

heres what the company has to say about Vida:
Unique by being clear and great tasting, this cherry flavored, refreshing energy drink provides a consistent boost and performance enhancement without the traditional medicinal aftertaste and jittery effect. VidA is a product designed with the Hispanic-consumer in mind, but it will also appeal to other demographics. VidA’s theme and design give it a mainstream feel that makes it more like a traditional carbonated soft drink than the often edgy products that make up the energy drink category. It's a 16 oz can!

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