This one was a very weird tasting e-drink, it tasted like grass, I cant remember where I've tasted this before but the only thing I can think of is "wheat grass" or "royal jelly" I could be completely wrong with those examples but I just cant remember where I tasted this flavor.

Allright, it's now a few months later and I'm adding this to the review, I love Socko, it's one of my faves, it has a great flavor and an awesome buzz. You've gotta try this stuff out.

heres a review from a fellow 40ozmaltliquor crew memeber "AK40seven"
Socko just showed up around here and I tried it. This has to be the next evolution in energy drinks, I drank it at 5:00 this morning and I'm still buzzing strong at 10:30. I'm very impressed with this stuff, both buzz and flavor wise. Like you said, it does have a grassy flavor, reminds me a little bit of green tea.

contains all the usuall shit including "horny goat weed"

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