Rockstar cola


Now there is 2 different Rockstar energy cola's. the old one from around 2004 and the current one 2010. The old one sucked butt.

And the current one is great, by far Rockstar has the best tasting energy drink cola ever, plus the can is bad-ass looking also.

ROCKSTAR™ energy cola has the coolest can out of all of the available ROCKSTAR™ drinks. It is murdered out (not the bottom though) with the flat black can (it actually feels as if it is only primered as well) and the top looks as if somebody rattlecanned it. Tastewise it's one of the better energy colas that I have tried, but that isn't saying too much, it tastes fine up front but leaves a diet aftertaste. This packs about the same energy buzz as a regular ROCKSTAR™ as well, so i don't really see myself switching after this batch I just picked up.

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