Red Celeste

$1.49 SRP

Hi there! I found your site by searching the net for info about Red Celeste. Since you have not written a review....I figured I would give you mine.

I drink a few Vodka & Sugar Free Red Bull's every night. I LOVE "EM!! I accidentally stumbled upon the Red Celeste product that Pantry Convenient stores distribute. So...I thought What The F@#$ ? I'll try one for $1.49. Well...I REALLY LIKE IT! It is Slightly less Sweet than Red Bull...0 rather than 3 Carbs...and 0 rather than 10 Calories (but who's counting). Just thought i'd pass all that along to ya'.

I enjoyed your website. I'm glad to read that you have a wife, job, child, pets, a house etc....considering the tough childhood you must have indured with a named like "IMT40's" WHAT was your mamma thinking?? LOL

Keep up the good work w/ the MT collection, Michele

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