Monster M-80


This was a great one to swill over a matter of a couple of hours, I'm talking the 24 ouncer. This was pretty good, I'm really starting to love the monster brands.

The can on the right is different from the middle can, the "energy+juice" is much lighter, and the background is lighter as well.

Had a Monster M-80 on a lazy sunday, woke up absurdly late and just played video games all day. Had nothing to drink in the house then I realized that I had bought the Monster M-80 the day before so I could review it, and it definitely hit the spot. the Flavor that really stood out would be pineapple juice, with a few citrus hints here and there. I enjoyed this one a lot, and I would probably drink it again in the future, it had a somewhat noticeable buzz and a good flavor.

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