Great stuff, I like to swill this stuff every couple of weeks or so.

I have 1 can from Hungary and another from somewhere else in Europe. Notice the purple can, thats a "custom" that a friend made, but I do not count it towards my collection. The lower picture is the different backs of the U.S. Monster.

ALVIN KARPIS: -------------
My friend from work came in today and had a bag full of Monster E-drinks, he gave me one as I was feeling down and tired today. I had one a long time ago but forgot the taste and if it packed a buzz. Well the first sip and I was brought right back to the first time I had a Monster as the taste is something that you will not forget. I dont really like the taste, but its not bad, I would say bellow Rockstar but above Red Bull. Buzz kicked in about half way through and I started working my ass off the last 2 hours of my shifet cleaning shit that was already clean! Taste 5/10 Buzz 7/10 Overall 6/10

Finally tried a monster. I thought the taste was okay but it really wasn't anything I could pinpoint, just a very manufactured taste. I won't say that I don't like that because that's pretty typical for energy drinks. Monster doesnt really fall under the same flavor category of other e-drinks I'm used to though, more of a citrus tang added into the chemical concoction. I think it was worth trying out but I don't know if I'll really ever go out of my way to drink it again.

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