Hair Of The Dog

This is one awesome energy drink, I'm telling you if you had to buy only one energry drink this year, make it "hair of the dog", I loved it.
At first I was a bit concerned about the flavor, but after a couple of sips I came to love it, it had a distinct flavor, not to sweet, not to bitter, and you could taste a bit of the vitamins.
I felt really good after this one, I'm telling you, you've got to try it out.

The claim with "hair of the dog" is that it can reduce some of your hangover symptoms, I havnt put that to the test yet, but I did feel good after drinking it. I'll have to try it out next time I know I'm gonna swill some "headache producing" 40 ouncer like St. Ides or OE HG.

Pick some up today!!!!! .

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